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George Walker (soldier) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

George Walker (soldier) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
George Walker (c.1618 – 1 July 1690 Old Style) was an English soldier and Anglican priest. He was joint Governor of Londonderry during the Siege in 1689. He was killed at the Battle of the Boyne while going to the aid of the wounded Duke of Schomberg.

My 11th Great-grandfather

Rev. George Walker - From the Library of Ireland; " Compendium of Irish Biography - Alfred Webb" 1878

Rev. George Walker  - A Compendium of Irish Biography, 1878
Walker, George, Bishop designate of Derry, Governor of Londonderry during the siege, was born in the County of Tyrone in 1618. [His father, George Walker, D.D., was Chancellor of Armagh Cathedral and, as such, rector of Kilmore.] The single fact known of his early life is that he was educated at the University of Glasgow. On 16th July 1669 he made the requisite subscription to the Act of Uniformity at Armagh, on his appointment as rector of the parishes of Lissan and Desertlyn.

Chapter VIII - Pg. 272; Governor Walker - "Derry and Enniskillen in the year 1689: the story of some famous battle-fields in Ulster"

Derry and Enniskillen in the year 1689: the story of some famous battle-fields in Ulster - Google Books
Chapter VIII - Governor Walker / Rev. George Walker

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Layton '48 History - Online Publication (1998) by Lloyd Pearson

Layton '48 History
John Layton, Sr., born in England, near London, in 1776; emigrated to America in 1801; came from Baltimore to Hagerstown, Md., by stage and canal, remaining there awhile, then going to Penn- slvania and settling in Dauphin county, where with his two brothers, Jacob and Silas, he resided for some time. They all were sons of Silas Layton, of England, who lived on a farm and died in England in 1839, aged 93.

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John Gess - Kentucky Hero

John Gess - Kentucky Hero by John Britton Wells III
(aka Gass)
The Gess family of Fayette County, Kentucky, has such a hero, JOHN GESS, whose life on the Kentucky frontier was filled with adventure. But for his untimely death, he might have become one of Kentucky's folk heroes, rivaling Simon Kenton and Daniel Boone for a place in our state's history books.

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Appalachia's Melungeons

For those of us with family lores stating we were "Black Dutch" or "Black Irish", this article may be of interest to you.
Yahoo! News - "DNA study seeks origin of Appalachia's Melungeons"