Coverdell Family History

History provided by Mae (Coverdell) Vance


The name Coverdell was originally McCoverdell of English-Scotch origin. Great-Grandpa George W. Coverdell was born in Kentucky. He married and had two sons, George and James. He was married to his second wife, Elizabeth (Betsy) Smith and living in Jennings, Indiana when Uncle Oran was born. Later the family moved to Osceolo, Indianola, Iowa where Uncle Darius and my Grandpa William Franklin were born. Great-Grandmother Coverdell's father was a descendant of Joseph Smith, the Morman leader.

Records at Grant City Courthouse show that Grandpa George W. Coverdell purchased a tract of land of Noah Myers, on February 2, 1656 which is located east of Fletchall Creek in Smith Township. Galen Cook lives on the place now. (1977) The original house was built between two big hills north and east of the present house. Floy Coverdell Hardy told me that her father Darius often spoke of his mother. She had long black hair that she could sit on. George II died from pnuemonia when his son William B. was only 16, his pnuemonia was caused by getting his feet wet while hauling logs to build a new house.

Marion Park Coverdell, my mother Oresta's brother, wrote that their Grandfather George W. and his two sons George and James hauled freight from St. Joseph, Missouri to Denver, Colorado, when Denver was a shack town. They hauled by ox team, each had two wagons and four oxen team to a wagon. They hauled supplies out there and buffalo hides back to St. Joseph, Missouri. This evidently was before they moved to Indianola, Iowa. He also wrote that when the Civil War Broke out, George and James enlisted. George was a prisoner at Andersonville Confederate Prison, James was killed while caring for the C.O.'s horses. George came home to Worth County, Missouri at the close of the war and "Broke Sod" on the homestead. He used a six ox team and a 16 foot blacksnake whip, an experts job to keep from wrapping it around his own neck.

Grandma Betsy Smith Coverdell died when my Grandpa William Franklin was a baby and the older sisters cared for him. Grandpa George W. became a prosperous farmer and when his children married he gave each a 40 acre tract, plus a team of mules. Aunt Ida said that Oran lived on 40 acres across the road west and south of Grandpa George. Uncle Darius lived on a 40 acre place that joined the homeplace on the east, later known as the Mel Kidney place. Aunt Ann Miller, Uncle George B. Millers mother had a 40 acre place south and west of Orans, Aunt Mary Miller lived southwest of Ann and George Jr. had a 40 acres on the south and west of Mary. He was Gail Coverdell's grandpa.

My Grandpa William Franklin Coverdell inherited the home place when his father George Washington (Riley) Coverdell died. A two story house had been built on the hill at the present site. All of his children were born there. Grandpa William Franklin married Sarah Elizabeth Moler on March 20, 1681 at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Moler. They were married by J. McQueig Squires, witnesses were M. A. Waugh and George Coverdell. They lived on the old homestead just south of the Advent Church by Big Bridge. In 1501 they sold out and moved to Kalispell, Montana where Uncle Oran had built. From there they moved to Northwestern Kansas, in 1905 they lived at Clayton, near Norcator, Kansas. Then in 1909 they moved to their final home at Atwood, Colorado.

Clidia Maudlin Fletchall - 1977

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