Disclaimer regarding the genealogical information contained within this site, “Family Lineages”, and it's associated extended site(s) owned by account holder.

Disclaimer: By no means do I consider everything that I have to be absolutely correct. It is a compilation of all the information I have been able to obtain from various sources and have received from various descendants of our family lines.

Compilation: The action or process of producing something, esp. a list, book, or report, by assembling information collected from other sources.

Inferential Genealogy: This means collecting all records for a surname in a relevant geographical area, weighing the circumstantial evidence when direct (by historians' definition) evidence is lacking and picking the best hypothesis.

Please note, the spelling of some names may be incorrect and/or may include alias "aka" names that were used. Dates that include "ABT" was calculated and based on one of the following; information found in census, marriage date of parents, and/or a birth date of a sibling.  Dates that read "UNKNOWN" simply means that.  No birth/death/marriage dates was obtained in order to calculate. For privacy reasons, individuals assumed to be living are not named and all personal data pertaining to them is not displayed. These reports will change periodically as additional information is obtained.